Trumped Up On Future Gloom, Bye Civilization

Things have certainly not gone according to plan in 2016. So, what happened and what could be the obvious reason, if there is something that obvious?

What is it with walls and us Americans? Why do we lap up the opportunity to seclude ourselves from the rest of the world and feel privileged enough to think that a wall will actually do us some good as a nation? Remember the recent wall that existed until couple of decades back? The one in Germany that came tumbling down as people no longer wanted to live segregated and divided? So what’s changed?

The answer to that question is the President Elect of America. It seems, the election of Trump has caused ripples that simply cannot be turned back. It is not just the wall that is alarming about the campaign of this individual but also his policies on several issues. The wall is the most obvious but his alarming disregard for some other policies is just as appalling and why we voted for him, I will never understand. I am sorry but this citizen has suddenly lost faith in the people’s tool called Democracy. How can democracy help better a country if the people within the democracy fall to baser instincts such as anger in making a monumental decision? Wait, we aren’t alone in this respect are we? Brexit anyone!

Yes, companies such as are still being honorable with their world donation scheme (reference:, but more companies need to do this to rebel against Trump!!!

Either, the world has become a lot more intolerant or humans have lost control over their actions. It could be aliens or even an artificial intelligence responsible for the poll results in both England and then the US. Remember the recently concluded series, “Person of Interest”? Was it predictive of the rise of AI?

This all seems so surreal to me, take the EPA and it’s so called uselessness that Donald Trump has us believing. Climate change is a farce according to the Republican administration under him and his first task would be to scrap that to Kingdom Kong. And what about healthcare? Yes, Obama Care was just as big a failure but with millions now invested in it, how can Trump justify scratching that?

I fear, what the events in 2016 mean for the world.

Marcus, a sci-fi novelist, chimed in and commented with, “Maybe it goes down as the most instrumental of years in Human history, because it was the year man brought about his own downfall. Maybe Agent Smith from Matrix was right, humans are like a virus who spread and replicate until the host is dead.”

Wait, is that another clue that we are already under AI control?

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