Impenetrable Expensive And Meaningless Wall

If Donald Trump has his way and if he sticks to his way this time around, then America will have its own version of the Great Wall, probably more visible from the International Space Station than the current wall in Asia.

Come on people, where is the common sense in building a wall that will drain the economy and only work against the country’s economic and trade interests? Donald Trump says that his wall will be powerful, tall, physical, impenetrable, and beautiful! Really, Trump? Beautiful is not how I would describe a wall that divides humanity on two sides forcing people to choose between this or that. But wait, it has already started now that racism, sexism and all the -isms have become popular once more in the country.

The question is, how tall or beautiful would this wall be and what about the cost factor involved? No surprises here, Trump and his administration have no details. They tend to have big ideas but lack the details to back claims up.

Let’s see if I can’t give some context and some facts. First, the border running between Mexico and US stretches about 1,900 miles and it crosses over some really distinct terrains. Around 650 miles of this border is already covered with a haphazard arrangement of fences, concrete slabs and other deterrents. If Trump is to be taken at word value, then 1,000 miles is all that the country has to build because the rest of the distance is covered with natural obstacles.

What About The Cost?

Obviously considering the grand ambitions of Trump when it especially comes to “the Wall”, nothing cheap like iron fences and wire mesh will do. Concrete is the only choice and based on Trump’s initial plan, the wall will take nearly 339 cubic feet of concrete. That’s about three times more than what was required to build the Hoover Dam!

Based on the estimate that the wall will rise to 20 feet above ground and run nearly 5 feet deep underground plus the distance of 1000 miles, it is safe to assume that a lot of concrete is necessary.

While Trump will have us believe that he builds things inexpensively, the fact remains that his $10 billion to $12 billion estimation is way too less. Global experts, engineers and scientists have tried to bring down the estimates but this project will cost in the range of 20 to 35 billion dollars and not a penny less!

I wonder if there’s anything else 30 billion could be spent on? Healthcare maybe? But that’s just me – now a minority in America.

At least, we can procure the concrete slabs from Mexico, that ways they benefit from the wall too. Wait, so the wall will actually be more of a business transaction? Yup, everything is a business for Trump and so will this be yet another means to gain an upper hand.

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