The Consequences Of A Trump Victory

Oh my God, what have we done? A sentiment common among many Americans today, it is almost the start of a really bad hangover joke until the moment you realize that it is no joke but reality.

Financial markets have slowly managed to steady out with the things that have happened this year. Donald J. Trump is now the most powerful man on the planet and while this feeling will take some time to sink in (five painful years maybe), let’s look at what this means for the world as a whole. What are the direct consequences of Trump winning the elections?

Bye Bye Global Warming

No, it isn’t that Global Warming will reduce but the term Global Warming will be outcast in the US as the entire country and its leadership decides to scrap the measures put in place to check global temperature rise. If America does not do its bit in combating Global Warming, world temperatures will rise by 2 degrees Celsius way sooner than anticipated and the chances of recovering from this catastrophe will be severe on a global level.

Let’s Speak Global Depression

Trump and his policies are regressive and against globalization. This will directly affect the entire world economy as much of the world progresses into global depression. His notions of hyper-protectionism will break the backbone of world economy and the US will see huge rise in unemployment with millions in life savings lost. I’d prefer to compare karaoke machines than have Trump as a president…

Bye Bye Health Care

Yes, Obamacare is now history. Trump may have decided to scratch this service but he has said nothing about what will replace it. Does that mean, there is going to be no health care? What about the millions who already are covered under Obamacare?

Civil Rights, What Are They?

Now that Trump’s back, sexism, racism and xenophobia have come back big time. The years it took to fight for rights of the LGBT community, women’s right and minority rights were for naught if the coming five years lives up to everyone’s worst nightmare. America will roll back and who knows we may find ourselves living in the stone ages once again.

Great No More

Always a shining beacon for the world, America may eventually lose that position to some other country. Jobs will diminish and I won’t be surprised if many companies begin going offshores for favorable climates.

People winter is indeed coming!

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