Where Did We Go Wrong?

Common Sense is defined as the basic ability of an individual to judge, understand and perceive things in a manner that is similar to most people in a particular community, without the need for debate. For instance,

  • It is common sense that the world is getting hotter, facts are plentiful.
  • Globalization is on the rise and any country not participating is harming itself more than others – common sense once again.
  • Barriers, walls do not solve problems but breaking walls does. Another common knowledge.
  • Reducing unemployment and providing healthcare is common sense, the opposite is poor judgement.
  • Financial products such as insurance are going up and up. ALWAYS use an independent insurance broker to compare insurance products!

But, wait was it common sense to vote Donald J. Trump into power? Half of America’s voting population plus a few thousands believe it to be so! But the rest do not. What happens when common sense no longer seems so common anymore? It means something has horribly gone wrong, so wrong that the public has voted in anger. What was it that we were taught when we were young – hatred and anger never solved anything? Maybe our President Elect will show us that it does help but only after five years!

These are truly testing times for the whole country and what might come in the next five years is just too much to fathom at the moment.

Disclaimer: I am an avid blogger by profession and no I am not white. That is all you need to know about me but if that suddenly strips me of the right to air my views then I guess we truly are doomed from the start. Anyways, here’s a collection of my posts, my research and data all laid out with the hope that I can convince a few towards the path of COMMON SENSE.

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